CIV. Standard PHP Library (SPL) Functions


SPL is a collection of interfaces and classes that are meant to solve standard problems.


To be written.


由于这些常量是由该扩展模块定义的,因此只有在该扩展模块被编译到 PHP 中,或者在运行时被动态加载后,这些常量才有效。


RIT_SELF_FIRST (integer)




ArrayIterator::current --  Return current array entry
ArrayIterator::hasMore --  Check whether array contains more entries
ArrayIterator::key --  Return current array key
ArrayIterator::next --  Move to next entry
ArrayIterator::rewind --  Rewind array back to the start
ArrayObject::__construct -- 
ArrayObject::getIterator --  Create a new iterator from a ArrayObject instance
DirectoryIterator::__construct --  Constructs a new dir iterator from a path.
DirectoryIterator::current --  Return this (needed for Iterator interface)
DirectoryIterator::fileATime --  Get last access time of file
DirectoryIterator::fileCTime --  Get inode modification time of file
DirectoryIterator::fileGroup --  Get file group
DirectoryIterator::fileInode --  Get file inode
DirectoryIterator::fileMTime --  Get last modification time of file
DirectoryIterator::fileOwner --  Get file owner
DirectoryIterator::filePerms --  Get file permissions
DirectoryIterator::fileSize --  Get file size
DirectoryIterator::fileType --  Get file type
DirectoryIterator::getChildren --  Returns an iterator for the current entry if it is a directory
DirectoryIterator::getFilename --  Return filename of current dir entry
DirectoryIterator::getPath --  Return directory path
DirectoryIterator::getPathname --  Return path and filename of current dir entry
DirectoryIterator::hasMore --  Check whether dir contains more entries
DirectoryIterator::isDir --  Returns true if file is directory
DirectoryIterator::isDot --  Returns true if current entry is '.' or '..'
DirectoryIterator::isExecutable --  Returns true if file is executable
DirectoryIterator::isFile --  Returns true if file is a regular file
DirectoryIterator::isLink --  Returns true if file is symbolic link
DirectoryIterator::isReadable --  Returns true if file can be read
DirectoryIterator::isWritable --  Returns true if file can be written
DirectoryIterator::key --  Return current dir entry
DirectoryIterator::next --  Move to next entry
DirectoryIterator::rewind --  Rewind dir back to the start
RecursiveDirectoryIterator::hasChildren --  Returns whether current entry is a directory and not '.' or '..'
RecursiveDirectoryIterator::key --  Return path and filename of current dir entry
RecursiveDirectoryIterator::next --  Move to next entry
RecursiveDirectoryIterator::rewind --  Rewind dir back to the start